About Us


Essence Landscapes has been in landscaping for 7 years and was previously used as a subcontractor with other landscaping companies within Cheshire and the surrounding areas. Being a new company with almost 2 years under our belt gives us the advantage that other landscaping companies lack. We believe this allows us to be open to new challenges and gives us drive and motivation when approaching new garden projects.

We have done our research and have found that more and more people are incorporating there gardens into an everyday useful place whether that be dining, entertaining, play or just to relax. No matter the season it’s the one place that individuals and families can get together whether that’s to sit outside dining or have a nice bottle of wine. It’s even a great way to keep the kids entertained with some fun outdoor play even if you can’t get to the park.

We believe more and more of use including ourselves and our own family and friends find that a functional and inviting garden opens up space within a home and can say a lot about you and the environment you live in. We want to give that to our customers that space to either entertain, relax and enjoy for many years, by doing this we provide the best advice in materials to use suited for the great northern weather and what works best when maintaining your garden and keeping it looking fresh always for many years ahead!

If you are interested in working with us, you can arrange a free consultation with us by visiting or contact page.